Don't know if anyone remember a post I did a week or so back about how my supervisor/boss "jokingly" called me a "little bitch" (she's called me other things like little Monkey or told me that my biblical name should be Rahab the Whore, stuff like that). Anyways, she's always pretty demoralizing and rude to my office mate and I (we're the only two that she supervises). So here's a relevant example to my query: Over the summer, my office mate and I, along with our friend in HR read the 50 Shades books as a gag. They were popular and we wanted to see what it was all about! Well, to this day she continues to call my office mate and I the "Bobsey Twins of Smut" in front of people who come to our office. Gotta love it.

Okay, so anyways, this weekend my office mate (and I) were working on something with the President of our company this weekend in the office. She (our supervisor) let us borrow her (work) flash drive so that we wouldn't have to transport files via email. Well, I can't help it, I'm nosey, and there was a file labeled "personal" and I just had to... Yes yes, I know I'm a terrible person! Well, widely known fact around the office is that she reads ebooks all day at work and just closes out of them when someone important comes by. The Personal file folder contained her ebooks, hundreds of them. And let's just say that they make 50 Shades seem like childs play. They weren't just romance, they were erotica. The titles alone were making me blush!

So here's my thing, I know I'm wrong for looking in the first place, but are you really so dumb to leave that stuff out? I mean, our President had that flash drive part of the weekend! What if he thought it was mine?! Part of me wants to tell someone but I don't know if I should. Really, if she wasn't soooo horrible to us I wouldn't give it a second thought, but she is. Part of me just wants to change the name of the file to like "bible verses" or something (she's always talking about church and looking down on me for not going). Am I completely in the wrong? What should I do?!